Until last yr, the beyond 10 years the winners of the Super Bowl are a blended 58-

seventy nine ATS for a lousy 42% win ratio following their Super Bowl victory. While the losers of the Super Bowl are even worse the following year at 64-ninety four for a forty one% win ratio. Combined, that is a document of 122-173 ATS for an extremely low forty one% win ratio. I referred to a lot of these figures last 12 months inside the Super Bowl Football Betting Trend article, which was featured in Thehooks Book.

New England and Carolina broke the football making a bet trend last year via combining for a 68% winning percent Against The Spread (ATS). New England become thirteen-4-2 (76%) and Carolina became 9-6-1 (60%).

A winning ATS document the subsequent season for a Super Bowl Participant had only passed off four instances out of 20 possibilities the beyond ten years. (2 teams times 10 years = 20 possibilities) The Pittsburgh Steelers went 10-7 for a fifty eight% win ratio after losing to the Dallas Cowboys back in Super Bowl XXX. Denver had a winning file ATS twice, 12-7 (63%) following their victory in opposition to Green Bay in Super Bowl XXXII and after their victory towards Atlanta in Super Bowl XXXIII they went nine-5 (64%) the subsequent 12 months. Baltimore slightly completed over 50% at nine-eight (fifty three%) after beating the Giants in Super Bowl XXXV. Carolina and New England accelerated the full to 6 with their sterling information last yr. Visit :- แทงบอลสเต็ป

So does the football making a bet trend that has dominated the NFL make a comeback or do Philadelphia and New England maintain the achievement from last yr for the preceding Super Bowl contributors? I suppose the success from closing 12 months will hold this yr no longer due to the fact I am superstitious but I suppose the lines may additionally want the Eagles and the Patriots.

The Eagles will have the harder time continuing the soccer having a bet fashion and getting the lines a bettor wishes (while seeking to bet the Eagles) however I suppose they may continue to get better and dominate like closing 12 months and cowl most of the massive factor spreads that come their manner. They completed 12-7 ATS closing yr and had been 6-four ATS when laying over a touchdown. But if the Owens state of affairs will become a hassle the strains will desire the Eagle bettors and I assume McNabb might cherish the opportunity to carry out at a high level without TO.

The Patriots bettors should obtain favorable lines because they lost each coordinators. You ought to be able to leap at the Patriots at a extraordinary fee and make some cash early. People might be seeking out them to fall again however I might no longer wager in opposition to Belichick if I have been you. The guy can train and he will virtually use this to his benefit and feature his players equipped to show everybody incorrect. Motivation will no longer be a problem. If they stumble the primary four weeks, bettors will make a killing jumping on them or staying with them due to the fact the lines will exchange even greater.

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